Dance Photography

Dance Photography

Studies in Dance and Motion #2

Amber Rose at the studio making shapes for SIDAM (Studies in Dance and Motion).


Dance photography by paul Weaver
Dance photography by paul Weaver
Dance photography by paul Weaver
Dance photography by paul Weaver

Frida Kahlo Dance Photography

Shoot inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo….  with satu and suki


Studies in Dance and Motion #1

Jelena Bubon at the studio for Studies in Dance and Motion #1.

This year with the continuation of the dance project I am setting up a dance company called Studies in Dance and Motion…  Stay tuned!!!!

jelena bubon dancing as part of studies of dance and motion with paul weaver

Dance Video

Dance Video for Latest Exhibition

So for the latest Exhibition I have made this dance video…Its with dancer Satu Suominen, and shows the PROCESS of the shooting of a dancer at the studio.  We actually both used the video to get the right effect, and the aim was to show the dancers experience, and the photographers experience as well as the actual dance.




Discovering Dance Photography Exhibition

Dance Photography Exhibition

So I had a great exhibition last week at the Tabernacle, showing my collection of dance photography. There was a large turn out at the Private View on Tuesday with over 150 people turning up…  Here are some pictures of the event and you can still see the dance pictures in the Dance section or order Prints in the Print Sales section.

You can see more about the exhibition here

Dance Photography Exhibition by Paul Weaver

Shapes and More shapes

Shapes and movement photography

lately been working with a lot of shapes and movement , especially as the dance exhibition is coming up on november 20th , see the dance section for more details on this, the private view is on 20th November and please come along if you are interested in Dance, as i want to work on more collaborations and commissions in this area.

A while back rosy hawkins went into an amazing shape on a commercial job, and since then i had it on my mind photograph this shape, so have redone with rosee and rosy, two different girls with slightly different names. The original rosy is on the right and the newer rosee is on the left, confused?  lol

shapes photography paulweaverphoto


New Fashion Photography with Feathers

Feather Fashion Photography

here is a new fashion photography shoot with Suki, based on feathers and movement…. we had 2 great models working with us Gisela and Rosy …

feathers fashion with paul weaver photo



Discovering Dance Exhibition in Notting Hill

Discovering Dance

So the exhibition dates are set, The Dance Photography Exhibition Private View is 20th November from 6pm-10pm

For more info please visit the website  or contact me on


Dancer Photography portrait of Alice Tatge

Photography Portrait of Dancer Alice Tatge

Dancer Alice Tatge was at the studio this week for a dance portrait photography. I am taking portraits of all the dancers who are taking part of the exhibition, so i can display them next to the work. Its always great working with Alice, as she is full of good ideas…  After this portray i still have to shoot some other dancers and Suki, and then will be nearly done for dance exhibition.

alice-tadge dance portrait


dance photography for exhibition 2012

dance photography  – exhibition in notting hill november 2012

so we did some more dance photography shots for the exhibition, me and suki here with dancer sarah smalls. I was aiming for some interesting shapes and movement which do not conform to standard dance, i think we got some interesting shots here…  am planning a few more shoots before the dance photography exhibition later in the year….

dance photography with sarah smales at with paul weaver