Projects & Ideas

Projects & Ideas

Fashion Portraits

Some interesting Fashion & Beauty Portraits with model Suzie and Suki Miles


Shapes and More shapes

Shapes and movement photography

lately been working with a lot of shapes and movement , especially as the dance exhibition is coming up on november 20th , see the dance section for more details on this, the private view is on 20th November and please come along if you are interested in Dance, as i want to work on more collaborations and commissions in this area.

A while back rosy hawkins went into an amazing shape on a commercial job, and since then i had it on my mind photograph this shape, so have redone with rosee and rosy, two different girls with slightly different names. The original rosy is on the right and the newer rosee is on the left, confused?  lol

shapes photography paulweaverphoto


New Fashion Photography with Feathers

Feather Fashion Photography

here is a new fashion photography shoot with Suki, based on feathers and movement…. we had 2 great models working with us Gisela and Rosy …

feathers fashion with paul weaver photo



Eugenic Photography Portraits

Eugenic Portrait Photography Project

Over the last year I have been shooting a lot of what I call Eugenic portraits, portrait photography that i really enjoy doing, you can see them in the portrait section of the website, and here are a few more i shot the other day. I have also shot all the dancers in the Dance Exhibition in this way and the portraits will also be viewable on Tuesday 20th on the opening night. Here we have Jezebel and Rae….

eugenic portraits by paul weaver


Fashion photography flow

Shape and movement Fashion Photography

Recently shot a fashion photography test with stylist Chloe Pierre  and flamenco dancer maria vega. We shot a flamenco inspired shoot a while back and got some great shots of the dresses making wild shapes and covering the face, so I decided to do a shoot based on this, showing flow and movement. The results came out really well i think…

fashion photography with shape and movement at


Exhibition Picture at Printathon with Wuon Gean Ho

I have collaborated on this picture with Wuon Gean Ho for the Printathon Exhibition at the Formans Smokehouse Gallery.
The Exhibition is for the East London Printmakers, and is based on the Olympic Theme.

Woun Gean came up with the idea of an olympic sport called “Flight” and we put this together, it is a selection of flight movements, which each athlete would be judged on based on the technicality as well as the creativity of the flight.

The Smoke house Gallery also has amazing views of the Olympic Stadium and the exhibition runs from 8th June  – 1st July with the opening night this Thursday.

paulweaver-woungean-printathon - smokehouse gallery

Dance photography @ London Studio with Alice Tatge

So last week contemporary dancer Alice Tatge came to the studio, and Alice, Me, and Suki collaborated on my dance project taking dance pictures for the Exhibition in November.

you can see the rest of the images in the dance section here


Photography: Paul Weaver
Hair/Make Up/Styling: Suki Miles
Dancer: Alice Tatge

Artist collaboration with Wuon Gean Ho, looking at FLIGHT at

artist collaboration with Wuon Gean Ho, looking at FLIGHT at